Using CircleUp, Gummy Vitamin Maker SmartyPants Raises $2.6M

What they learned, Ms. Gould said, was that theres a problem with diet and deficiencies today, all over the country. And for most people, compliance is a big problem, if they do need to take vitamins. In random market testing, they also found that when they asked people about their vitamins, nobody seems to know what brand theyre buying or taking, Ms. Gould recalls. They created an all-in-one gummy vitamin that contained ingredients that are bioavailable, Ms.
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Marketing Vitamins: Daily Marketing Activities to Build Any Business

Wednesday: Play With SEOMoz SEOMoz is a great SEO analytics tool. With SEOMoz, you have the capability to view all of your inbound marketing data with custom reporting that identifies 404s on your website, duplicate pages, weak keywords, and more. They also provide some really beautiful data visualizations as you build up a history of use, and there are always actionable recommendations that offer advice on how to improve your website. Thursday: Check Out the Origins of Your Leads Many marketers push out tons of marketing campaigns without ever really knowing if theyre successful or not. If you want your business to keep growing, one thing you must do is ensure youre getting a solid ROI on the efforts you invest time and money in. A Google Universal Analytics integration can provide the data you need to analyze the success of your marketing campaigns and measure your online interactions with customers, and for offline advertising you have call tracking to measure the results of those ads. Knowing the origins of your leads are critical when you want to know where you can stop wasting moneyand start spending more on efforts that actually drive results.
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Essential vitamins for women at every age

Except for vitamin D, the human body cannot make vitamins. So you need to get vitamins from the foods you eat or from vitamin supplements. The need for certain vitamins varies according to your stage of life. When you don’t get enough of a particular vitamin you need, you run the risk of serious health problems. Many women know that eating five servings of fruit and vegetables each day is a good way to get their essential vitamins.
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